Enrico Sertoli

The Italian physiologist and histologist Enrico Sertoli was born June 6, 1842 and died January 28, 1910 in the city of Sondrio.He studied medicine at the University of Padua where one of his professors was the physiologist Eusebio Oehl (1827-1903), one of the founders of the discipline of microscopic anatomy. Giulio Bizzozero (1846-1901) and Camillo Golgi (1844-1929) were his colleagues. He received his degree in 1865 and then studied physiology with Ernest von Wilhelm Brucke (1819-1892) in Vienna and later with Ernest Felix Emmanuel Hoppe-Seyler (1825-1895) at his laboratory at Tubingen. From 1870 to 1907 Sertoli was Professor of Anatomy and Physiology and after 1907, of Physiology, at the Royal School of Veterinary Medicine in Milan, where he founded the Laboratory of Experimental Physiology.

With such teachers and credentials, he was definitely right in the thick of major discoveries in his field in the late 19th Century; on the "cutting edge" of anatomical science in his day.

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