Brutus is an intact male Labrador Retriever/Something-or-Other mixed breed. At the age of 9 years he begins to develop a growth on his left eyelid. the owner at first isn't too concerned but the growth expands and gets large enough that the owner is worried. he brings Brutus in for a look. Here's what you see:

Brutus has a meibomian adenoma, a common benign (i.e., non-invasive) tumor of the eyelids. You refer him to the VMRCVM Teaching Hospital, where the mass is excised and biopsied, and the nature of the tumor is confirmed.

Points to ponder:

1. What features and/or characteristics of epithelium have contributed to the development of this lesion?

2. What has to have happened to the cells for this tumor to develop as it did?

3. What are the potential consequences for this dog?