My wife, Susan, is originally from Gambier, Ohio, the town in which I went to college. We met while I was a student there and married in 1975, just before I began my graduate school work. She's a Hokie: she got her Master's Degree in Education from Virginia Tech. She graduated from the Western College for Women in Oxford Ohio in 1971, and spent several years as a primary school teacher in Maryland. After we moved here she decided to go into a slightly different area of teaching and is a certified Reading Specialist. She works for the Montgomery County Board of Education, teaching Adult Basic Education and English As A Second Language classes.

The picture at left was taken in January 1989; she is with with Toby (left) and Tucker. Toby was about 7 years old, and Tucker just about 5 at the time. On the right, Tucker (in this picture about 13) help Tessa the Labradog celebrate Meg's first birthday in 1997. Meg looks glum and Tessa looks smug, because Tessa had beaten Meg to the birthday cake. Tucker looks worried because he hated cameras. He bolted right after this picture was taken.

Dr. Caceci's Bio Sketch

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